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What Is The Vicciola

What Is The Vicciola


Vicciola is exclusively the Piedmont’s Bovine Breed fed with nuts. Its feeding, that got the Patent in 2014, consists of breast milk, nuts, cereals, bran, broad beans and hay. Any trace of compound animal feed or nutritional supplement normally employed to increase the quantity and to fasten the growth is ever admitted.

Nut, never used before in the bovine feeding, must be of the highest quality so as to transmit its noblest nutritional properties. They must be entire, husked, coming from the maize of the year, 13 to 15 mm gauge type (according to the Ministerial guidelines not less than 11mm), without any trace of scraps, expired product or manufacturing discards.

The Vicciola, since the beginning of its fattening, grows about three to five hectograms per day while cattle traditionally fed grow from one kilo to one kilo and a half per day. Respecting the growth physiology since their birth, the meat reaches a great yield in quality and a clear reduction of the yield in quantity. Vicciola has then the highest level of nutritive properties and the lowest tax of cholesterol among all the red meat.

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