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Who We Are

Who We Are

Our History

Macelleria Pino was founded in Turin in 1982 and has never moved from the original site in Via Cibrario 53.  To reach his unique results Pino, always in search of the best quality, made a deep study on the different kinds of cattle breeding, their growth and, most of all, their feeding.  

The Nuts

After more than 20 years of deep research Pino felt he needed to make a revolution in the cattle’s feeding habits. He introduced the nut as a fundamental element and he forbade any trace of compound animal feed or nutritional supplement normally employed to increase the quantity and to fasten the growth.

Exclusive Breeding Farm

Once the best farm had been chosen, Pino obtained an exclusive breeding system able to follow exactly his rules, and he decided to take care of all the steps of the growing project in person. Thank to the investment of a big amount of money in research and analysis, the Macelleria Pino has now become the unique butcher in the world to produce such a special red meat with so special properties.

Breeding Farm

To guarantee the cow – calf operation, just the females, or the gelding specimens, born and fed in the farm charged by Macelleria Pino, can be involved in the project. The farm, which is based in Cavour, breeds the calves exclusively for Pino and follows the Ministerial Guidelines with care as a guarantee of the closed loop.

The Supply Chain

The breeder chooses and grows the highest quality products (hay and horn), checks the purchase of the products coming from outside (like bran) and daily controls the percentage of all the ingredients of the Vicciola nourishment: nuts, hay, horn and bran. As the Ministerial guidelines indicate exclusively M. Pino Puglisi - the unique supervisor of the entire supply chain - can buy the nuts.

The main purpose in producing the Vicciola was to guarantee the final consumer interests while assuring clearness, quality and authenticity. The success of the result is due to a complete  commitment to the research.

We Export All Over The World

If you own a restaurant in Italy or abroad and you would like to receive more information go the section “contacts” on this website and tell us about your project.

We export the Vicciola to restaurants and private customers.

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